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Designed by Dealer’s Choice Home Game Players

I’m Bill Collins, the founder of

When the pandemic hit in 2020, our home poker group (dealer’s choice) couldn’t meet in person to play, I asked my fresh-out of college son, Richard, if he could use that new computer science degree to write some software that would enable me and my buddies to play a high-low game called 7-27, along with a video interface. Within a few days, he provided our group with a basic game we could play over the internet.

Seeing our group “together” laughing, playing cards, and having a great time was the spark that started PokerCows. I figured if our group was having this much fun with one basic game, imagine what a platform with a variety of games and options could deliver.

In March of 2023, PokerCows beta-launched with 15 dealer’s choice games, including No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. PokerCows provides a private table environment for friends and family to play dealer’s choice poker games. You can make them as crazy as you want with options ranging from “low hole wild” to “roll your own” to “high-low split.” It’s designed for fun and to bring friends and family together along with all the laughs that accompany a home dealer’s choice poker game.

I’m really proud of what PokerCows has become, and I hope you and your group enjoy it as much as we do.

Online Poker for EVERY Night of the Week

PokerCows creates a comfortable online poker space for real friends to play the poker they enjoy. This is not a gimmicky website about earning rewards points in a casino-style setting. PokerCows is a quality, social environment where you can enjoy playing a variety of games with your friends at a private table.

It’s the perfect Poker night for today’s world.


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