Work Smarter, Play Harder: Why Company Poker Games can be an Incredible Team-Building Exercise

Business colleagues celebrating after team building exercise

You know what they say about all work and no play. The corporate world can be stifling and impersonal, and the usual team-building exercises can come off as feeling forced and worse, phony. There are only so many trust falls or show-and-tell exercises the average person can endure before they become more of a test of everyone’s patience.

On the other hand, some of the best chances for bonding come from the unpredictable. Those moments of high-stakes tension, big wins, and devious bluffs.

With a virtual table from PokerCows, you can turn any get-together with your team members into a wild night of laughs, friendly competition, and camaraderie that will turn co-workers into lasting friends.

Why Try Company Poker Games?

Here are just a few ways that incorporating poker games into your team activities can be the ace up your sleeve for building a team.

Build Friendships Over Long Distance

Remote work can be convenient and easy, but it can also be lonely when your trusty coffee mug is your only officemate. Company poker games can bridge that distance gap, allowing team members to share stories and laughs no matter the distance. When you play poker with your colleagues, you’re not just shuffling cards; you’re building bridges.

Build Trust and Learn About Your Team

Seeing your coworkers navigate the ups and downs of poker helps you understand their decision-making process, their risk tolerance, and their ability to adapt. As the cards hit the virtual felt, you’ll quickly learn who the bluffers are, who’s willing to take big risks, who can roll with losses, and who’s got the poker face of a stone-cold pro.

Create the Thrill of Friendly Competition

Competition doesn’t have to be cutthroat; in the right atmosphere, it can be fun! A little friendly rivalry can bring out the best in your team, stirring up excitement, fueling engagement, and keeping everyone on their toes. With virtual chips and bragging rights on the line, suddenly even the most reserved team members can come out of their shells with cunning strategies and bold plays.

Foster a Fun, Caring Culture

In the fast-paced world of business, it’s easy to forget that we’re all human beings trying our best. Sometimes it can do a world of good to be able to say, “Hey, let’s take a break from those spreadsheets and have some fun!” By incorporating poker games into your company culture, you’re showing that you care about your team’s happiness and that their well-being matters more than profit margins.

Spice Up Your Meetings

Who says you can’t mix business and fun? Your next brainstorming session can benefit from a game already getting everyone’s creative juices flowing. Your team can get into the right frame of mind to think about business strategies by thinking about what strategy to use with the cards in their hand. Keeping the atmosphere lively and engaging can make those weekly meetings something the team looks forward to rather than dreads.

Provide an Incentive for Good Work

Is an MVP on your team getting their work done ahead of schedule? Reward them with bonus chips on their next game! By linking that friendly competition we talked about to success in your team’s work, you not only foster a culture of excellence but give everyone motivation to shine. Besides, who doesn’t love a little extra glory on the gaming table?

Why Try PokerCows?

We’ve talked about all the ways incorporating company poker games can be a great idea for your team. Now let’s talk about what makes PokerCows’ upcoming business service right for you.

Customize Your Tables with Your Company Logo

No need for generic poker tables here! We offer the ability to personalize your virtual poker room with your company’s logo, making every game feel like a branded event.

Save Costs with Subscription Pricing

Our subscription pricing can make company poker games a regular and cost-effective part of your team’s activities. No need to budget for expensive off-site retreats. Poker nights are now on the menu whenever you want!

Change Things Up with 16 Different Games

Variety is the spice of life. That’s why with PokerCows, you get access to 16 different games, each with its own wild card variations. Changing things up keeps poker night fresh and fun!

Connect with High-Quality Video Chat

Our high-quality video chat system ensures that you can see your colleagues’ reactions and poker faces in real-time. It’s the convenience and connectivity of Zoom and the fun and excitement of a great card game all in one package!

Work Smarter, Play Harder

Company poker games can be the ultimate team-building tool. They can bring remote employees closer, add a dose of friendly competition, create a fun and caring culture, and keep the workplace exciting. With PokerCows’ variety of games, affordability, and high-quality AV interface, setting up a company poker game can be easier and more fun than ever.

So, what are you waiting for? Shuffle up, deal the cards, and watch your team bond like never before. PokerCows for Business is coming soon, so sign up now to learn more!