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Bypass all the bullsh*t and play our demo with bots. Once you’ve learned the ropes, invite your real friends for a complementary session!

Hear from the PokerCow Himself on How to Get Started

Ready to Host a Game & Invite Your Friends?

Getting started is easy…


Select a host

The host will be the one setting up the game and inviting friends to the table.


Host sets up table and invites players

After table setup, the host sends the players a 4 digit table code.


Players join table

Players simply enter the table code at to join their private table with friends.


Let the good times roll

That’s it! You’re all set for a fun night of dealer’s choice poker with friends.

House Rules


  1. The person who set up the game will be the Host, Banker and First Dealer of the poker session.
  2. Dealer will deal one hand, then pass the deck to the player to their left for the next deal.
  3. If there is a technical issue, the Host may attempt to resolve the matter by various methods, including canceling the current hand and resetting player balances. Host/Banker may alter player chip balances if necessary.



Worst possible poker hand.

Unless the low hand eval method is specified within the game, the default method is “The Wheel.” If your group prefers the 7-5 or 6-4 method, you can select that at table setup.

House Rule

• The Wheel 5-4-3-2-A (default)
• 7-5-4-3-2 Unsuited
• 6-4-3-2-A Unsuited


5 of a kind if using wild cards. Royal flush if no wild cards.

In “High-Low Split” games, “High-Low-Both” Decision Method:

Prior to revealing cards (showdown), players click a button to simultaneously declare their hand is to be evaluated as “High” or “Low” or “Both.”

Declaring both “high” and “low” in a high-low split game

Tie or Lose either high or low, player loses both ways.

Other players going high or low determine the winner as if the person going both ways never existed. If the only players that stayed in and declared all go both ways, and all have ties within the hand, they split the pot accordingly.

Does the low hand have to meet any conditions?

None. There is no qualifier or min low required. Any hand can potentially win the low.

Yes, unless your group is playing with the 7-5 Low Eval Method.

An Ace can be used low as in an A-2-3-4-5 straight, as well as high as in an 10-J-Q-K-A straight.

A pair of deuces (2,2) is the lowest pair.

In The Wheel and 6-4, although an Ace can be used low within the hand, a pair of Aces is always considered a high pair. A pair of deuces (2,2) is the lowest pair.

Pair of Aces (A,A)

Wild Cards can be used either:

  • to represent any card not already present in the hand, or
  • to make “five of a kind.”
  • No “multi Ace Flush” allowed

When selected, each player’s lowest hole card is wild for them.

Each player’s lowest hole card is wild for them. The lowest possible card for wild card purposes is a 2. Although an Ace may be utilized low within the hand (except in 7-5 eval), the deuce (2) is considered the lowest possible hole card for “low hole wild” purposes.

If a player has a 2 (Deuce) and an Ace (A), the 2 is the lowest card for low hole wild card purposes.. The Ace can still be used low in the hand (except in 7-5 eval), but the wildcard will be the 2.


When selected, each player’s lowest hole card is wild for them.

Yes, cards within your hand and the community cards that match your low hole wild card value are also wild.

When selected, the center card of the the community cards is wild for everybody.

Yes, all player cards and community cards that match the center wild card value are also wild.

Buying the last card up will prevent your wild card from changing.

Yes, all games with “Low Hole Wild Card” selected will give the player an option to buy their last card up at a cost of 2 times the min bet.

How is the wild card value chosen within the hand?

The value that creates the best possible hand will automatically be selected.

For example, Wild-8-7-6-5 beats Q-8-7-6-5 for the high hand, as the wild card would assume the role of a 9 to make a straight. If going for a low hand, the wild card would become an Ace to win the low with 8-7-6-5-A.

Yes, different cards and wild card values can be utilized for creating high and low hands.

What’s the min betting and raising increment?

The min bet is set by the host in the table settings. Raises may be in any increment of the min bet up to the max bet, and do not have to equal or exceed the previous raise amount. (In NL TX Hold’em, the raises must equal or exceed the previous raise and there is no max amount.)

3 (In NL TX Hold’em, there is no limit on raises.)

Auto approval of chip requests?

Yes, players may obtain chips simply by requesting them from the bank.

Chips are added to the player’s stack, and their bank ledger is adjusted to reflect the purchase of chips.


All games require antes or blinds.

Yes, ante and blind bets are automatically placed for the players each game.


Yes, players may check and later raise in the same betting round

High hand winner gets extra chip. Otherwise, 1st player left of dealer.

In this unlikely event, the discards and/or folded cards will be shuffled and dealt.

Select Payment Plan



Pay Per Session

Only host pays

One poker session for you and your friends at your own private table


/ session*

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*A session is defined as a single table continuous poker gathering of up to 7 hours.